Sunday, July 20, 2008

Some quick tips on hiring a contractor

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You have the right to having your home built to specifications, including quality workmanship, meeting all building codes and in a reasonable period of time based on the contractual agreement.

Get familiar with your state's laws concerning contractors and what constitutes a violation of these laws.

Don't rely on verbal agreement alone. Get it in writing.

Send your letters to the contractor certified mail, return receipt.

Document the project with both photos and a written history.

Consult an attorney knowledgeable in contract law or construction defect as to any civil exposure you may face.

File a complaint with your State's Contractor License Board or regulatory agency that protects consumers.

Remember To Do The Following:

1. Keep a job file and be sure to include copies of all papers relating to the project. Document work and any damages with

2. Keep an open line of communication with the contractor and be alert to any disruptions that may delay the project's progress, e.g., in climate weather, material or labor shortage, problems with the permit, etc.

3. Do not let payments get ahead of work and keep a record of all payments.

4. Do not pay cash-ever!

5. Do not make the final payment until you are satisfied with the job. That’s your right.
One last note: A great contractor is a godsend and they’re out there, but you must do your background checks to ensure that’s who you end up with.