Saturday, April 26, 2008

Can Jesse Jackson really take credit for the Fair Housing Act of 1968?

In regards to Jesse Jackson I have to admit that I got most of my frustration out on the radio show today about my position on personal responsibility when it comes to financial decisions in America. And I don't say this to any certain sector or group but a generality to all people to make clear. The reason it shows up in this article about Jesse Jackson is because he jetted down to Kansas City in his private jet this week talk to about how the government should take a more aggressive stance on past predatory lending offenders and to propose that the government freeze interest rates for basically anyone that can't afford their payments anymore. And if that wasn't enough he thinks that just resetting any high interest rates to 6%, apparently because he arbitrarily thinks that sounds like a good average number, will make things more manageable for consumers and businesses alike.

So, let me clarify to get this off of my chest, because it was an unfair topic to tie to the federal fair housing act of 1968, which is one of the most positive events in business history, to his political agenda. Now, it is not to say that I approve of predatory lending, because I don't. Neither is it safe to say that I recommend anyone be in any loan that they can't afford or don't understand. But, that is is a separate point from the fact that YOU are responsible for the contracts you sign and the obligations you make. I really don't buy it that all of these foreclosures and freezing interest rate stories are from people who "just didn't know better." These will likely be the same people who will go purchase a car at 0% next week and when that gets taken away I am not sure who will be to blame....maybe GMC for making the Jimmy look to shiny, I don't know....where does it end, and where does your own decision making take over?

Jesse Jackson has responsibility to his community to spread a word of hope and prosperity and the only true way that any of us will ever find that in this world is by looking deep within ourselves, educating ourselves on a daily basis and at the end of the day blaming and thanking the only person who is responsible in this world....and that is YOU!

If you don't understand the document you are about to sign then don't sign them...If you don't know how much you can afford then reevaluate and recalculate. And, if you don't understand what you have just read then read it again or ask a friend, but please don't tell me that President Bush should have offered you a program at your church to understand BLOGS and crazy talk show hosts who beat people over their heads with mortgage papers!

with love and respect in my heart towards all people, let's do this right.....sincerely, David Van Noy Jr.